Newlywed Bliss?

A few weekends ago the Hubby, the Mini, and I had the privilege of attending my favorite (oldest) brother-in-law and my new favorite sister-in-law’s (heh) wedding.

It was a lovely day, a beautiful ceremony, and she was a gorgeous bride.

As I’ve said before, I love everything about weddings. And this wedding was no exception.

Oh boy do I love weddings:

(Ok, so maybe my own wedding was my favorite…)

Usually after attending a wedding I have nothing but happy butterfly feelings. I hear weddings do that to a lot of people actually…

But, for the first time in my wedding attending history, when I returned home after it was all over I had a new emotion.

I was actually a bit jealous.

You see, after the wedding the bride and groom sailed off into the sunset to take a quiet weekend away by the water.

The Hubby and I got to return to a non working water pump in desperate need of repair, a basement floor that still needed drying out after previously mentioned pump caused a lovely basement flood, a baby who needed a diaper change and a nap, and a sink full of neglected dishes that just didn’t get done before leaving.


We got to hit the ground of reality at full speed, captain.

To say I was a little jealous of the blissful newlyweds would be a rather large understatement.

But, as I changed an overtired baby and prayed she’d fall asleep and *stay* asleep for a much needed nap, I got to pondering.

If you think about it, really think about it, the hubby and I were the lucky ones here.

I mean, sure we didn’t exactly come home to…well let’s say a stress free home, but those newlyweds were just starting out. Just beginning their journey together. Beginning to learn those small details about each other.

And most importantly, learning how to live together.

See where I’m going with this?

That night in our house there was no debate over who gets to use which toothbrush holder.

Or pretending that it didn’t bother one of us when the other stole ALL the covers (*cough* Hubby *cough*).

And it’s no secret now that if you leave that wet towel on the floor on more time so help me I’ll break off your thumbs and feed them to the dog.

Also, there is no longer any shame over here of wearing crummy, ancient, super not-at-all-flattering sweatpants and absolutely no makeup while slogging through the sink full of dirty dishes.

It may not be a weekend by the water, but I definitely had a moment of thankfulness that all those newlywed kinks were no longer hanging over our heads.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pick up a few wet towels and figure out how to teach my one year old to do dishes.

One thought on “Newlywed Bliss?”

  1. 😂😂So glad you can laugh at these things. Wait until you hit 30 blissful years which I wouldn’t trade for the world or the wonderful man I have shared them with.


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