An Ode to Romeo

Since most of the country is slowly sinking into a depression regarding the current election, I thought I’d bring a little cheer to the day.

You see, it has come to my attention that this blog has been all too quiet lately in regards to a certain little pup:


So to correct this terrible error, I would like to present to you: a poem for Romeo.

Romeo, oh Romeo.

Recently how your life has changeo.

Ok, just kidding. I’m not really one for poetry (clearly). So let’s try something a little more natural:

Romeo. We discovered about two years ago that we were going to ruin your life with this:


Along she came and to your horror people stopped visiting the house just to see you:


And although I’m not entirely sure you’ve forgiven us, you have been an incredibly good sport all things considered.

You’ve managed to keep your cool through it all:


(And I mean this quite literally)

You are (most of the time) very patient with your “little sister:”


(Though to be honest I’m pretty sure this, ahem, vast improvement started when she began throwing food for you…)

And you’ve been ever so relaxed when dealing with your humans as we adjust to our ever changing life:


So here’s to you, sir Romeo.

Our very favorite dog.

We love you more than words can say.

So to you, I dedicate this blog.

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