What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s hard to believe one year ago, almost exactly, we were just announcing to the world the expected arrival of the Mini Shaw.

I was somewhere around twelve weeks along, just reaching the stage where they say you start to feel better (ha).

Neither the hubby nor I had any idea what we were getting ourselves into. (Although Romeo would like to point out that he, in fact, did understand, and also spent a significant amount of time warning us. But I digress.)

But one year ago we were only imagining what might become of our lives once the Mini made his or her arrival.

Would it be a boy? Or would we have a girl?

One year ago we were in the heat of planning. What would the room look like? What diapers should be buy?

Does a July baby need long sleeve outfits?

One year ago Romeo was living in the lap of luxury. Well ok…I guess some things haven’t really changed in the past year:


But I must confess. Becoming a parent, even the little amount of experience I have thus far, is nothing like I expected.

I mean,

I worry a lot more now. A whole lot more.

I sleep a lot less never.

The hubby and I spend even less time together (do I even still have a hubby??).

And I spend WAY more time covered in often times unidentifiable bodily fluids than I care to admit.


I’ve learned a whole new level of love over the past year.


I have realized that you really don’t need sleep to function, as long as you aren’t operating heavy machinery or anything of that importance. Or something like that.

I am learning that what I cannot control I must surrender (I know this sounds obvious…but believe me, this is harder than it sounds.)

I have learned new things about the hubby, and believe it or not I love him just a little bit more. Well, most days anyways.

And above all, I have gotten to spend the last six months getting to know this wonderful, loving, energetic, funny, special little girl, who I cannot imagine life without:


Oh, what a difference a year makes.

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