I Love You

Valentine’s Day.

I think if I were to be perfectly honest, my main excitement surrounding yesterday’s Hallmark holiday is the 50% off chocolates I was able to purchase today. Ohhh yeah – inexpensive and yet still so delicious.

What is it about heart shaped boxes that just make everything taste SO MUCH better?

Ok ok, I jest. (Somewhat…)

But I should confess, I do very much love seeing my hubby walk in the door holding a bouquet of beautiful roses. And this year holding not one, but two, made me love him just a little bit more.

V Day 1
Though the disclaimer here would be that the receiver of bouquet number 2 was much more interested in trying to eat said flowers…but it was sweet none the less.
V Day 2

And as shocking as it may sound, this past weekend had me pondering the subject of love.

Mostly, how absolutely fascinating it is how very different “love” looks for different people. And not only that, but how in the world could two people who “speak” I love you in COMPLETELY different words end up happily married?

Or, at the very least, still married…

It was interesting to look at the hubby and I and compare. His I love you’s are more touchy-feely. You know, a hug, a back rub, holding hands, etc.

And then there’s me. Quite honestly I am the least touchy-feely person like…ever. And my entire family will attest to that ;). So how do I say I love you? I guess mine is a combo of things. I like to say I love you by making food, I need to actually hear I love you often, and boy does it speak volumes when the hubby lends a hand with the dishes! (Or laundry. Or dusting. Or vacuuming…just in case he’s looking for a list. Love you hunny…)

But, my hubby could really care less if those dishes are done or not. And if I never said I love you out loud again, but simply relied on hugs, I think he’d be a pretty content dude.

Like I said, complete opposites.

My poor hubby.

And even knowing going into our marriage how different we are, it’s taken a long while to come to understand that because we say I love you differently, we receive I love you differently.

I mean, when he gives me a hug it’s nice. But definitely not nearly as effective as a helping hand around the house.

And when I get the dishes washed, he appreciates it, but not even close to as much as he’d appreciate a shoulder rub.

Maybe it’s just me. But I just find this fasinating.

And it’s got me thinking about the Mini. How will she say I love you? How will she need to hear it?

V Day 3

Of course, so as to not exclude any member of the family, there’s also the shih-tzu. He obviously is only feeling loved when it involves food. Specifically food from the dinner table. Or breakfast table.

Or some kind of treat. Anytime.

Ok really food of any kind. At any point during the day…


I know it seems a little random, but humor me. Think about it… How do you say I love you? How do you need to hear it?

And for anyone playing along at home, yes, my ponderings have a beginning based on the book “The 5 Love Languages.” If you haven’t already looked into this…you should probably go hit up Google right about now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I’m just going to sit here in my freshly cleaned kitchen while I do.



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