National Sibling Day

Today is widely recognized as “National Sibling Day.”

And by widely recognized I mean it’s pretty much a made up “holiday” that really just gives people an excuse to post ridiculous pictures of them and their siblings on the internet. You know, kind of like these:



Ok, now I am officially equally as guilty. But come on, who wouldn’t want those memories to last forever and ever?

And although this might not be an official everyone gets the day off holiday (though can we work on that?), it did get me thinking about how blessed I am to have not one, but two sets of siblings.

And how grateful I am for each one of them and their unique and sometimes…um, “special” personalities.

I always thought growing up that I wanted a sister. And I thought somehow that I missed out by not having one. But I have come to realize that I really lucked out, and I can’t imagine life without being surrounded by all my boys.

Very few people can irritate me like they can (so maybe that’s mostly my biological siblings…), make me laugh like they can, teach me like they can, and make me feel special and loved like they can.

Although I still have doubts about *what* exactly they will teach their future niece or nephew, I couldn’t have picked out five better uncles for him or her.

So Happy National Sibling Day to my favorite brothers:



Hey, you all clean up pretty nicely…

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