Overheard At Work

And we pickup where we left off:

“Christmas is the best time to get into crippling debt.”

“I’ve got a feeling in my bones that it’s going to work. It’s either that or arthritis…”

“I may be small, but I’m whiny!”

“Hey, we have manners! When I pick my nose I make sure my hand is clean…”

“It’s engrained in my mind.” *pause* “What is it again?”

“Do you know Suzie* in collections?”
“No, but I bet if you hum a few bars I’ll pick it up real quick…”

“What are you doing, writing a book??”
“Yeah, and I’m going to leave out the last page and make it a mystery!”

“I have so much money in my wallet I can’t fit it in my pocket…”
“Yeah I just throw it away when that happens…”

*Name changed for anonymity purposes

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