Overheard at Work

Tonight I present you with my brand new (on a less then week old blog…) segment: “overheard at work.”

Please enjoy the following hilarious, ridiculous, and downright crazy things overheard at work during the past week. Reader discretion is advised.


“It just gets kind of expensive. I mean, (my family) would need the biggest suite. It’s not the penthouse, but still.”
“For three of you?”
“Four, and we can’t sleep in the same room…”

“She’s upset about that new Coach outlet going in. It just really devalues the brand when everyone can afford it.”

“The only thing more annoying then your cough is when someone has the sniffles. I mean, it’s quieter, but SO annoying”

“My uncle had a really really nice pair of dentures. Unfortunately he passed away from second hand chewing tobacco…”

“I think when I win the cutting board (from a company raffle) I’m going to get it engraved.”
“What are you going to put on it?”
“Haha I won and you didn’t?”

“I had a good day! I only ate one Lifesaver. *pause* But I had two candy bars…”

“This day literally COULD NOT get any worse. *seconds later* OH MY GOSH it just got worse.”

“Jeez where is my friend with my Starbucks order? She would have made a terrible secretary in the 50’s.”

“I really want a nice leather chair for my living room. I can’t get a fabric one since my couch is fabric and I need to balance it out, so a nice leather one would be good.”

“Oh my gosh your arms are SO long!”


And there you have it. Goodnight all.

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