Overheard At Work

Please enjoy today’s edition of “Over Heard At Work”

“Are you feeling better yet?”
“No, feeling about the same.”
“Aw. Those colds just kind of linger don’t they?”
“Yes. But I can stand it. I’m strong.”

“We’ve been doing it this was since Moby Dick was a minnow…”

“Are you alright?”
“No. I’m dying.”

“I’m talking to myself, don’t interrupt me.”

“I haven’t seen you in a dogs age!”

“I love cooking. But only in a nice kitchen. With LOTS of counter space. And high quality tools.”

“If you guys get a payment in for these accounts let me know.”
*In a whisper* “Yes Master…”

“What did the salad say to the fridge?”
“Watch out, I’m dressing!”
*Joke teller starts laughing hysterically*

“Well that’s slicker then snot on a doorknob!”

And that’s a wrap

There’s Nothing Like A Good Workout

I love a good workout.

Some people need a good book, a cup of tea, a bubble bath. But give me a good sweat and a sore body and I’m a happy girl. Running shoes trump a bubble bath any day. Well, at least most days.

running legs

Working out give me a goal. Calms me down. Re-energizes me. Helps me put my world back on its axis. In fact, I’d say other then my faith and my family it’s one of the most necessary things in my life.

Life is so crazy. There’s work and family, sickness and crises…you know, those “ups and downs.”

But as soon as I lace up those sneakers and step out into the gym, or onto that mountain it all gets quiet. If only for a minute.

Spartan Mud

Overheard at work….and and apology for being absent

Hello friends!

(Notice I am optimistic about having lots of friends reading this…)

First, I am very sorry I have been absent for the better part of a week. It’s been crazy around here. Crazy at work, crazy at home, crazy with family…just absolutely, well, you know. Lots of balls to juggle, and I have discovered I am not a very good juggler.

But I have missed being here, so back I come. And with that I present you with another edition of “over heard at work,” and a promise to get back to real life blogging tomorrow. Or this weekend. Ok, let’s just go with “soon.”


“I wouldn’t stand for this. I’d just sit down…”

“I don’t want to say he was out of control….but he didn’t have much control.”

“I feel a candy bar sneeze coming on… Ah, ahh, ahhh, *Hershey*

“I’m trying to not look like a beached whale and you’re going to limit the amount of time I can spend on a (cardio) machine??”

“And tomorrow is Friday!”
“Actually I have tomorrow off.”
“Can you try and not look so smug when you say that?”

“What, did you sleep here last night?”
“Yeah sure. And I wouldn’t look in the cup by my desk…”

Good night friends, until tomorrow. Or this weekend. Soon.

Overheard At Work

And now another installment of “Overheard At Work:”

“Well, like they say in the cellophane factory, that’s a wrap!”

“Maybe next time I’ll run a Spartan (race) with you.”
“No, you’d be better suited for the Santa Claus jog. You’re more built for that.”

“No, I don’t think she looks like a man. She is wearing makeup…”

“When is your birthday?”
“July 12th.”
“What year?”
“Every year…”

“Hopefully that little chipmunk I rescued found some food and is doing well.”
“Yeah, or maybe he ran across the road and got squished.”

“We should bring that dead cat in and put it in one of the drawers! What a surprise for the Orkin Man ‘the mice are so big here they killed a cat!'”

“I’m just going to ask my dad to pay for the new apartment (so they can move out of the one they don’t like).”

“Get a boot! (for a sore foot) You get to go right to the front of the lines!”

How was your weekend?

I spent 10 hours on a mountain Saturday.

How was your weekend?

Pictures, stories and thoughts to come…but for now, I am going to drag my still aching body into bed and try for another 10+ hours of sleep. Ahhh, the things I do for a nice shiny medal.

Overheard at work

And today (one day late – don’t judge me…) I bring you the second installment in the segment “overheard at work.”

Please enjoy.

Or don’t, but really if you don’t enjoy this maybe you should lighten up a little…

Anyways, without further ado:

“I can’t go there! They only make glasses for seeing.” (the intended word there being “reading”)

“The only thing about getting the new iPhone is that I have to get all new accessories. A new case, a new charger…and I really like the case I have and they’re just SO expensive…”

“I hope you brought your knickers to play in today.”

“In the past week I’ve bought a new MacBook Air, an iPad Mini, and the new iPhone. Anyone who owns Apple stock can write me a thank-you note…”

“Don’t tan too much this time (while on vacation). Last time you came back looking like a cigar wrapper.”

“I bought some Pinot Grigio that I think I might indulge in tonight. But the thing is I don’t feel like drinking the while bottle, and I just hate dumping it out.”

“Trust me, I am SO great to live with. I’m neat, I’m quiet, I’m *super* nice. Yep, when I move out and he (current roommate) comes home to a full time slob he’s going to think ‘maybe I should have made *name withheld* happy!'”

“I just hate it (place being rented) because he gets the good parking space and I have to park in visitor parking and then sap gets all over my car and it’s just a complete disaster.”

“Oh my gosh these new protein bars I got are SO delicious! I had two of them for dinner!”

“Ugh, if I was your boyfriend I would have to sleep in a different room (due to a bad cough). Or I’d smother you with a pillow…”

The end.

Please, please, please!

Far too many people today are touched by illness. Severe illness. Specifically, the illness of cancer. Like many people my family has personally been touched by cancer as well. And there’s a lot I could say on the matter. But I’ll save some of that for another time. For now, I just want to make one plea:

Don’t waste your hair.

There. I said it.

In case you don’t know (and if that’s the case where have you been?), one of the side effects of chemo is oftentimes hair loss. Sometimes it’s minimal, sometimes it isn’t. A lot of times it isn’t.

And maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s just hair, right? That is so very easy to say until it’s gone. Just try and imagine for a minute looking in the mirror at a bald head. Or maybe not completely bald, but very, very thin hair. Uncomfortable, right?

But the good news is, we have the ability to create wigs. Wigs today are AMAZING. You wouldn’t believe how natural they look. Done right, you seriously can’t tell the difference between one’s “original” hair, and a wig. Seriously.

But to make a wig (a wig of real hair anyways) companies/organizations need approximately 6-10 ponytails, depending on the length. How do these companies/organizations get the ponytails? They rely mostly (if not 100%) on donations. It doesn’t take much – a lot of places only require a ponytail 10″ in length. And it doesn’t even cost a thing. Really. Most hairdressers will mail your ponytail in at no extra charge. Or you can mail it in yourself for no, or minimal, cost.

So what’s my point? Why the informative although slightly disjointed post? Am I asking you to spend the next year of your life growing out your hair in order to donate it because Heaven knows we need more hair donations and if you don’t donate your hair you are a terrible person? No, not exactly. My point is this:

If you have longer hair, and are ready for a change (and lets face it, who doesn’t at some point?) please, please, please don’t just throw away your hair. Please consider donating it. It’s such a simple process, and you will truly bless someone, child or adult. I know of far too many people who chop off their hair and never give it a second thought. Whether you go to a salon or do it yourself, please, don’t waste your hair.

I know a lot of people who thank you.




If you’re interested in donating, here are a few links (obligatory asterisk about not making commission off of these links) to get you started:




Thanks for hearing me out!

Overheard at Work

Tonight I present you with my brand new (on a less then week old blog…) segment: “overheard at work.”

Please enjoy the following hilarious, ridiculous, and downright crazy things overheard at work during the past week. Reader discretion is advised.


“It just gets kind of expensive. I mean, (my family) would need the biggest suite. It’s not the penthouse, but still.”
“For three of you?”
“Four, and we can’t sleep in the same room…”

“She’s upset about that new Coach outlet going in. It just really devalues the brand when everyone can afford it.”

“The only thing more annoying then your cough is when someone has the sniffles. I mean, it’s quieter, but SO annoying”

“My uncle had a really really nice pair of dentures. Unfortunately he passed away from second hand chewing tobacco…”

“I think when I win the cutting board (from a company raffle) I’m going to get it engraved.”
“What are you going to put on it?”
“Haha I won and you didn’t?”

“I had a good day! I only ate one Lifesaver. *pause* But I had two candy bars…”

“This day literally COULD NOT get any worse. *seconds later* OH MY GOSH it just got worse.”

“Jeez where is my friend with my Starbucks order? She would have made a terrible secretary in the 50’s.”

“I really want a nice leather chair for my living room. I can’t get a fabric one since my couch is fabric and I need to balance it out, so a nice leather one would be good.”

“Oh my gosh your arms are SO long!”


And there you have it. Goodnight all.


The Hubby got himself baptized today.

photo 1

Now, I don’t (ever) want to come across as preachy, or “over the top religious”, but that being said, my faith is a very important part of my life. You should ask me about it sometime 😀

And because it is so important to me, it kind of sort of works its way into all the crevices of my life. So I apologize in advance for anyone reading this who prefers to avoid religion of any kind.

Actually, I take that back. I don’t apologize for anything. This is me, this is what makes me who I am. But I do hope my faith won’t deter any of you from following this blog. I’m sure we can still find plenty to agree on, laugh about, and learn from. Or something like that.

Anyways, we’ve been working on becoming official members of our church for a little while now. Life just seemed to get in the way of finalizing everything, but this was the final step.

photo 1.PNG

I am SO VERY PROUD of him.

photo 3.PNG

Speaking in front of a crowd any larger then…one is probably his absolute worst nightmare.

photo 4.PNG

But he did it, and if that isn’t proof of God’s grace and changing power…then I don’t know what is.

Life, Laughter, and who am I kidding. It's all craziness!