Overheard at Work

Happy Wednesday folks!

“I used one of my good jokes the other day, and no one got it. Sickos…”

“I wonder if anyone noticed that these are the antlers we used for our bee costumes last year.” *Pause* “Antlers? Wow. Antlers. I mean antennas…”

“I put some of that (men’s) hand lotion on, and now I don’t know if it’s that or the candy that’s causing the ladies to flock to the area.”

“You’re all puffed up, like a turkey in heat!”

*Observing office Halloween decorations*
“This looks like a trailer park!”

“I ironed my pants, but I think my body’s wrinkled.”

(Sorry it’s a short one this time, busy week at work…)

Introducing: Romeo

I was not so subtlety informed that I while I have dedicated a few posts now to some important people in my life, I have neglected to dedicate a post to my main man…er, shih-tzu. And Romeo told me that he was quite unhappy about this. So without any further ado, introducing, Romeo:


Romeo enjoys long walks, though preferably not on the beach, because, well, water…


He is a firm believer in plenty of naps, and cuddling.


He tries to stay healthy through various forms of exercise:


But isn’t opposed to a treat now and again.


He does his best to stay up to date with the latest social media trends:


And he loves a good football game.


(Although he’d prefer to dress in more appropriate football gear, like the NY Giants or Penn State….)

He is an excellent driver:


And loves hanging with his BFF Bailey.


He is a hard worker no matter what the task:


But loves to relax with a good game of catch.


And did I mention he loves a good nap?


Because he most certainly does


Last Saturday Night

Last Saturday we had quite the adventure over here.

And after allowing a week for wound and ahem, pride, to heal I present to you: Last Saturday Night.

It started off as a normal Saturday evening. I was catching up on the latest episode of Castle (you know, the important things in life…) when my dearest hubby decided he was hungry. A recent trip to a bagel shop had filled our freezer with some rather tasty bagels, which sounded quite good to the hungry husband.

I knew we were in for an adventure when I heard a very loud silence from the kitchen, followed by “um. Caitlin?” Thankfully my future mothering skills kicked in and I headed straight for the First Aid kit (which of course was MIA…). Apparently, the hubby decided to cut his hand instead of the (still frozen) bagel.


So I loaded him and his bleeding hand in the car and we headed to the emergency room:


Where they gave him a better band-aid then I had mustered up (so maybe the first thing I could reach was a paper towel…don’t judge me, it did its job).

And then we had to endure emergency room time. So we waited:


And said patient was slightly less then thrilled with my need to document the entire adventure.

But finally they came to wash out the wound and stitch him up:



It was a painful experience for everyone, but four stitches later everyone was alive and (mostly) together. Although he who received the stitches was very disappointed to discover he had only received four stitches. He claims he deserved at least ten.

But four stitches it was, and after some strong encouragement to keep away from knives we were free to go home.


Where I finally was able to finish my show.

And he ate that bagel.

Overheard At Work

It’s almost Friday 🙂

“That shmuck-head”

“I had my toothbrush with me, but then I used it to scrape off the bottom of my shoe…or was that my wife’s shoe… Well, I rinsed it off real well.”

“Seriously? There’s no sales log yet?”
“WHAT?! There’s no Santa Claus??”

“Does that jive with your records?”

“What did you bring for lunch?”
“One of those glorified frozen things. Super smart something… But it hasn’t made a difference yet.” *heavy sigh*

“You know if the Apocalypse happens I won’t need to know any of this.”

*While surveying a smorgasbord of snacks*
“Oh it’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong!”

“She asked me if I wanted to go work out with dumbbells, but I didn’t think John* was available…”

*Name changed for anonymity purposes 

Unexpected Visitor

We had a visitor the other day.

I had already gone to bed when my dear husband roused me (always a dangerous move…) informing me that I “had to see this!” I can’t remember my exact words, but I believe they were along the lines of “this had better be good or you’re dead.”

But I willingly stumbled followed my husband into the kitchen, and after a brief (ok, somewhat more then brief…) heart-stopping moment of thinking he’d found a mouse (hello for-sale sign…) I came face to….er, face, with this:

frog4Isn’t he cute 🙂

He was happily hopping throughout our house (I only cringed a little when he landed on the clean clothing…), and he seemed pretty proud of himself:

FrogDefinitely a first, and we’re still not exactly sure how he got in. He was less then thrilled to be caught, but caught he was and released back into the “wild.” Well, the backyard anyways.


And then we mopped. Twice.

A Stitch Down Memory Lane

I’ve been cross-stitching a lot more lately.

I know, it sounds like a somewhat strange hobby for a 20-something Spartan running, mud crawling, city girl to have. But I have a history with cross-stitch. My Meme taught me how.

I am the only granddaughter on my dad’s side of the family. To say I was spoiled by my grandmother is probably the understatement of the century. But, and I’m sure you’re shocked, I loved it. And I loved my Meme.

scan0002 (2)

Being the only girl also meant that I sometimes got a little “special treatment.” No, not that way, I just got to spend more special girl time with Meme. And one of those ways was learning to sew. My Meme made it her mission to teach me the art of sewing that she was so very good at. She learned quickly that I wasn’t exactly what you’d call “gifted” at this art, but I was able to get the hang of cross-stitch down pretty well. And I loved it. But mostly I just loved doing it with my Meme. She used to get those “grandmother and I” patterns, and I have many vivid memories of sitting in the living room holding tightly to her careful directions. And although I rarely actually finished a pattern (my grandparents would fly back home, I’d lose it, she’d bring another one next visit, rinse and repeat…) I definitely still have those memories.


As I grew up I lost touch with my cross-stitching. My family moved back to Vermont and those special visits lived right down the road now, not states away. Then school, friends, social events and whatever else I could find to do started taking the place of those quiet times. And then life really continued to march on. I graduated:


Got married:


And then moved out of state again. My time became filled with my new husband and puppy, not to mention juggling two jobs. But time passed as it always does, and eventually I found myself back in Vermont.

Just in time to watch my Meme get sick.

The focus now became helping her, my grandfather, and my parents. Balancing work and a husband, and still trying to maintain some pieces of a “normal” life.

Then my Meme lost the battle.

And as time marched on yet again, my grandfather started sifting through the memories stored in the basement. Looking through the past so as to proceed to whatever the future might bring.

One of the many things he found were large cardboard boxes. Boxes stuffed full of patterns. Cross-stitch patterns. Some mostly finished, some hardly started, some laid away for a rainy day or special occasion that never quite came around. Apparently the art of starting a new pattern before finishing the current one is an inherited trait. But opening that box was like opening pieces of my past. Memories laid away for my own “rainy” day. A day that did come around for me.

So I’m cross-stitching more now.


It brings me back to those not so distant memories of sitting on the couch patiently (and sometimes not so patiently…) pulling stitches out as Meme, in her always patient way, instructed me on how to do better. Watching her take great care to lay out and organize every piece before starting, and teaching me how to do the same.

I am cross-stitching more now.


It makes me feel closer to my Meme. It gives me a moment stolen from yesterday, to carry on what my Meme used to love so much. And taught me to also.

Overheard At Work

Happy Wednesday! As promised, here are your weekly laughs (or cringes, we’re flexible here):

“Did you know if you put your contacts in backwards you see where you’ve been instead of where you’re going?”

“Give me a call sometime so I can hang up on you.”

“I knew this really smart dog once. You’d ask him what was on the outside of a tree and he’d say ‘bark, bark!’ He knew baseball really well too. You’d ask him who got all those home runs and he’d say ‘Ruth! Ruth!'”

“I need to start clearing off my desk, gotta make room for those Christmas decorations. They’re coming soon!”
“Might as well just put them up now, right next to your pumpkin…”

“I’m going to name this business ‘My Pet Chicken'” (Really wish I’d heard the rest of that conversation…)

“I’m better looking on the phone.”

(While joining a long line at the printer)
“Is this where the cool people hang out!?”
“Yeah, that’s why I have to leave…”

And I leave you with an adorable picture of my puppy, since I haven’t had enough pictures on here lately, and honestly, why not:

IMG_3174Isn’t he just the cutest thing.

When A Slow Reaction Time Is Actually A Good Thing

A woman at work started chemo last week. It caught most of us by surprise, and many of us didn’t know anything was up until the day she started treatment.

It’s interesting, considering the path my family is currently walking, to watch how people react to cancer. For a second time I was up close and personal in watching reactions. Some people are ready to take up arms and fight it. Some hold it at arms length and dance around it. Some quietly accept it. And some avoid it all together, as if it was somehow contagious. But everyone reacts. They have to.

I myself am not battling cancer. But my mom is. And although my current bill of health has come back clean, I’ve watched how reactions can be both a wonderful help, and a serious hurt. I am not claiming to be an expert, or any kind of an authority on this matter, but I feel that this is important for me to say any way.

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Pretty Pictures

As much as I complain about the state live in (I know that’s hard to believe coming from a girl who considers anything under 60o cold…) I have to give credit where credit is due. We sure do have some pretty sunsets and sunrises here.

The sunset last night was beautiful – it was stunningly bright when I pulled up to the gym, and slowly and steadily the dark clouds took over and the ran came. It was gorgeous. (no rain pictures however, I was too busy getting my butt kicked. I mean, “working out”…) The iPhone pictures seem pale in comparison, but I had to try.




And then this morning on my way to work I was treated to this:


It may get cold here. And snow about 5 months too many, but at least it’s pretty, and that makes it a little better.

Sort of.

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