Household Updates

In an effort to give all three of my faithful readers (ha) a bit of a break from the less-than-light posts of late (sorry, back to those next time), I wanted to give a quick update on the Shaw household.


We are updating our house.

Our basement to be a little more precise, as I have alluded to in previous posts.

It was always the plan when we bought our house to finish the basement, and now with a few additional factors tipping the scale we finally pulled the trigger.

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Because I’m a scatterbrain I don’t have any official “before” pictures (oops), but you get the general idea.

Our basement will soon house a guest room, laundry nook, bathroom, office, and large play area / future schoolroom for the kiddos.

And while I am super excited for the finished product, can I just say that home renovations are exhausting?

Or is it just me.



They are exhausting.

And if nothing else a continual lesson in patience.

(Not that I need that or anything)

Yeah, between the noise and the mess (so. much. mess) and the lack of spaces to put things I would be lying if I didn’t say I am getting a little antsy for things to wrap up.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy we are finally doing this, but also ready to be done. You know how it goes.

Thankfully though things are moving right along, and the light at the end of the tunnel grows a little brighter with each passing week.

On a brighter note, the kids have very much enjoyed the large trucks, tools, and of course “workin’ men” that have been in and out of the house in the past weeks.

Pretty sure I could have just left the Smurflet in the basement with the men and he would have been thrilled.

(The men however probably not so much….)

And I have gotten to play around in the kitchen a little bit so as to keep treats on hand for those “workin’ men.”

It’s amazing how much more they can accomplish when you keep a steady stream of cookies flowing their way…


So that’s about it over here, as far as home updates.

I am excited to share finished pictures with you when we get to that point.

Which is hopefully soon.


Also I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been reading / giving feedback and encouragement on my recent posts.

I know they’ve been heavier (and more consistently heavy) than maybe it’s been in the past, but you all have given me a very helpful platform to work though life, and I pray I will somehow be of assistance or encouragement or something to those who read this.

Ok, I’m done babbling for the moment.

Off to sweep some more drywall dust!

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