Happy (sick) Birthday Smurflet

My little Smurflet,

Somehow in the midst of some terrible, awful sickness, you turned one.


I am so sorry that we marked your special with a round of illness that took DOWN 3/4 family members.

What a bummer of a way to “celebrate” turning one whole year, huh?

But you, my little Smurflet, have taken it all in stride. Your spirits never drooped even a little (well ok, maybe just a little…), and despite high fevers and hacking coughs and faucet noses you still managed to stay up to (most of) your many tricks, and thus keeping us on our toes.

Whether it’s sneaking into the bathroom to climb into the tub and turn the faucets on, or climbing up onto the radiator so you can look out the window better.

(Disclaimer, I know he isn’t actually standing ON the radiator in this picture. When that trick was preformed I was a little busy trying to keep him from leaping off to stop and try for a picture…)

And every single time I reprimand you, you flash me that little mischievous smile I’ve grown to love so much.


Even battling a round of croup I so love watching your little engineer brain at work. You’ve solved “problems” I would have never thought possible (and have certainly wished maybe you hadn’t solved), and thusly gotten yourself into more mischief than I ever imagined at a young age.


Boys, huh?

Can’t say I wasn’t warned.

Even still you are sweet and funny and huggable, you follow your sister around with great admiration, you give me all the snuggles I could want, and you top it all off buy also most definitely carrying that “boy” gene that I know is going to keep me both busy and on my knees for a very long time.


And I am sorry that your birthday party had to be rearranged due to the plague.



But late parties aside, I know I speak for your daddy and sister that we are so thankful and happy that you’ve been apart of our little family for the past year (plus a few days…).

And I pray that you would continue to grow into a smart, independent, spunky little boy who boasts a heart for God and a love for Him above all else.

I love you, my Smurflet.

Happy Birthday!

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