A Weak (but heartfelt) Thank You

I don’t know if you’re allowed a “social media break” when you have a blog.

But I needed one.

It’s been a busy and difficult and strenuous time since last I’ve been here.

There have been some big changes around here too.

If you hadn’t heard or seen, my sweet mom has joined her Savior for this Christmas.

And honestly I just haven’t had the words or strength to be here as we’ve journeyed down this path.

But I’ve had a few requests recently for both a talk I gave at my church, and what I said at my mom’s service.

While I am still needing to reformat my talk into a “postable” format, I wanted to share what I said at the service last weekend.

I also wanted to take a moment to profusely thank everyone who came out to honor my mom, who has been praying for us as we walk down this road, for the kind words and love shown to us, and for the patience and understanding given as we navigate our new normal. I know I haven’t replied to most messages or emails or texts, but please know that we have received and read them all.

Thank you does seem a bit simple, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

So thank you.

And please keep those prayers coming.

And now, for those unable to attend last weekend, here is the best I could do when trying to sum up my mom, and the impact she’s had on everything she ever touched:

Well. I am glad to see so many people here today wearing black. My mom would have been very proud. Because as she always said, black never goes out of style.

As I’ve been thinking recently, what I might say before you all about my mom, I’ve struggled.

How do you sum up the life of someone you’ve known forever?

Someone who’s been there every step of your way?

How do I accurately tell you just who my mom was?

I could tell you about how she ran Spartan races without blinking an eye.

I could talk about the fact that she homeschooled three kids and somehow managed to keep (at least most of) her sanity.

I could say what a loving and wonderful Nini she was to my kids.

I could mention that she and my dad were high school sweethearts.

Or I could focus on the fact that whatever life threw at her, no matter if she liked the call on the field or not, she always clung to her faith, and knew without a doubt where her hope was.

And I should probably also mention that she would have shaken her head at that football reference.

But just saying these things out loud doesn’t seem to do my mom justice.

They don’t tell you enough how special, and wonderful, and absolutely perfect for me, my mom was.

So I think I’ll just say this.

My mom was amazing. She was strong, she was beautiful, and she was truly my best friend.

And I’m really going to miss her.




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