Men are from Mars, Husbands are from Heaven

Recently our little family has been dealing with a decent amount of…well I’ll just sum it up as “stress.”

It’s not so much large, super crazy difficult stressful things, but more along the lines of a whole bunch of different issues that start to add up.

Sometimes I think it’s more overwhelming for me to have all those “little stresses” verses one “big stress” because it starts to tread the line of failure.

Meaning, I should be able to handle everything because big picture these things aren’t “that big.”

But little by little they add up, and then almost always completely overwhelm me.

Adding raising two small kiddos and just generally trying to maintain the household it’s sometimes a recipe for a breakdown.

And the other day that’s exactly what happened.

I just reached my breaking point.

The stress, the kids, the unclean house, I was just kind of done.

Ok, pretty done.

Totally done.

I had a headache I couldn’t shake, dinner wasn’t making itself, and it just seemed like we were facing battles (however small) where we couldn’t gain the upper hand.

To say I was a hot mess when the Hubby walked in the door was a bit of an understatement.

Now, it should be said that my hubby is a great husband and father, and rarely does he come home and “shut down” simply because he’s off the proverbial clock.

But that particular evening, I was more than thankful for him and his husband/father capabilities.

He swooped in and completely took over.

While I took our little Smurflet and got him down for nap number three, the Hubby took over handling the Mini, the dinner, the dishes…

A practical, real life example of husbandly love.

By the time I got the Smurflet down all that was left was for me to sit, and be still for a few moments.

A little reset, if you will.

No, nothing was solved in that evening.

(Much to the dismay of my “Mr. Fix-it” husband 😉 )

But there was still a weight lifted, and for a moment some much needed relief.

And I was reminded how thankful I am to not be doing life alone.

In this case, it was an assist from my wonderful husband.

But whether it’s a spouse or even a friend, it makes things generally a whole lot more bearable to have someone there to refocus you, realign you, and come beside you.

Someone to remind you that no matter how overwhelming or unwinable the situation might seem, you aren’t alone.

Someone to show you real, practical, Biblical love.

Someone to just love you where you’re at.

Because sometimes all you need to turn things around is a hero in an apron:


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