Little Teal Shoes


We were halfway home when it hit me.

I was glancing in the rearview mirror to ensure you and your brother were doing ok.

All I could see were your pretty teal sneakers on the end of your long, little girl legs.

And suddenly I realized.

I hadn’t thought about your shoes all morning.

That glance in the mirror was the first time they had crossed my mind.

Which meant that when we were rushing out the door, late as usual, you went ahead and put those sneakers on all by yourself.

When instructed to get ready to leave, you got and put on your shoes without asking momma to help you.

I didn’t think about your shoes because you didn’t need me to.

I’m not quite sure how that happened.

Wasn’t it just yesterday you needed my help with everything?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you relied on me so fully and completely?

Now my attempts to help are met with the cry of “I can do it myself!”

And the scary thing is

You can.

You can put your shoes on all by yourself.

You can do so. much. all by yourself.

And although I realize it’s the ultimate goal to teach you and grow you,

I admit it made me a little sad that morning.

Because I realized that you are indeed growing up.

Growing up into such a strong, independent, and amazing girl.

And I am SO incredibly proud of you.

But if I might make one request?

Just a small one, I promise.

Could you slow down just a little?

I’m not sure my heart is ready.


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