Dear Meme

I’ve been thinking about you a lot this month.

Not only does the month of May mark your birthday, but it also marks the day that you left.

Well, you aren’t ever far from my mind really.

Just recently I was spreading laughter when sharing the story of how Romeo used to try and snatch the tennis balls off the bottom of your walker.

Boy did he try hard for those things.

And I frequently tell people that a large part of my love of being in the kitchen comes from all the time I spent in there with you.

Meme Thanksgiving

You are probably where I got my love of chocolate too…

Really it can just be as simple as anytime I look at your great granddaughter, because she shares your middle name.

So I just wanted to take a moment to say that we miss you.

That we love you.

And that I promise that although your great grandbabies may never get a chance to meet you, they will know all about you.

Even if they don’t actually believe that you really did forget where you hid all those Easter eggs…

Love you, Meme

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