Today was a Day

Today was a day.

You know, one of THOSE days.

An emotionally draining, physically exhausting, when the heck is it going to end day.

It’s been a long few weeks over here, and to be honest I’ve been working on a blog post for a while now trying to express all we’ve been walking through.

Let’s just say I’m still not able to find all the right words.

I’ll get there, I hope.

But anyways, on top of wrestling through some tough and sometimes overwhelming emotions, today was a day.

It started with a sleepless night, which isn’t necessarily new (hello 25 weeks!), but is kind of my Achilles heel.

That was greeted by a grumpy, demanding, and just generally frustrating toddler.

And after one thing leading to another I found myself arguing with (yeah I know what you’re thinking) my two year old.

Because it’s completely rational to try and have any sort of rational debate with a two year old.

Hashtag winning….

This lead to spending most of nap time going over every detail that makes me the most horrible mother.

Because nothing makes you feel super inadequate quite like making your child cry.

Just really capturing mother of the year over here.

The remainder of the post nap evening was mostly salvaged due to daddy coming home (YAY) and taking the emotional toddler somewhere else, so as to keep mom from going totally insane.

I’m sparing you most of the details, but guessing every mom out there understands what I’m taking about.

And now I sit here reflecting on the day, part of me is embarrassed to admit the struggle it was, considering I have only one child to deal with.

I look around and see moms of three or five or more and they just seem to have it all together.

And here I am with one (and a half?), and I’ve got more days than not where I’m not sure I’m going to make it.

But I gotta be honest.

So today was a day.

And as I sit here broken, exhausted, and overwhelmed by my mothering failures, I am grateful that tomorrow is another day.

I am grateful for grace.

I am grateful for a two year old who won’t remember all my failures of today, and certainly doesn’t hold them against me (I think anyway).

And did I mention that I’m grateful for bedtime?

I might just be grateful for bedtime most of all…

So what do you think?

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