Hello internet friends.

It has come to my attention that a somewhat recent upcoming event in our lives has yet to make a public appearance.

Essentially, I have some exciting news (well we think it is at least) I’d like to share with all seven (hopefully you’re all still here) of my readers.

Come the ever exciting month of March we will be welcoming Mini number two into our little family.

Or as I have been affectionately calling him or her, our little Smurflet.

We (read: everyone but Romeo) are very excited to add to our daily adventure, and aside from very similar symptoms as pregnancy with the Mini, mommy and baby are looking quite healthy.

The Mini is very excited for “new baby’s” arrival, and we have no doubts that she will be a fabulous big sister.


In an effort to include big sis in all things baby we’ve asked whether she thinks this Smurflet is a boy or a girl, and she’s pretty convinced it’s a boy.


Of course, she is also convinced that she is a boy, so we’ll probably not hold too tightly to her opinion just yet…

Anyways, that’s our most recent and exiting news, and I am sure it will provide me with plenty of new material as we move right along.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the Mini is down for a nap and I am pretty sure I hear my pillow calling my name…

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