New Year New Shih-Tzu

Hello world.

Romeo here.

It’s come to my attention that is it standard procedure to make some “new year new me” resolutions, of sorts.

Normally I’m not big into changing anything, at all, but it just so happens that this year I have some New Years resolutions of my own.

Since the custom seems to require that the resolutions be shared, I have listed them below for your enjoyment:

Resolution one:

More naps.

You cannot possibly understand how difficult this is. I mean, the amount of naps I try and squeeze in during any given day?

Honestly it’s just exhausting.

But I am resolved to be better than ever with this, no matter how difficult it may be.


Resolution two:

Eating more.

I’m afraid if I don’t keep up my calories I’m quite seriously going to whither away to nothing. I mean, have you seen me lately?

It’s bad.

Unfortunately this resolution requires a small assistance by the local humans, which is frustrating, but seemingly unavoidable.

That being said, I have gotten much more effective in begging for food. So that helps.


Resolution three:

Better avoidance of the small human.

Just look at her:


You can almost smell the threat(s) in her eyes. Makes my knees shake.

Or it would anyways if I had knees.

For some reason unknown to me this human seems to think we are friends. I have resolved to be much firmer in my resistance.

And finally, resolution four:

I resolve to never again explosively poo all over the humans floor, namely on that ridiculous carpet in the hallway, ever again.

(Before she catches me, this was NOT my idea. But human #2 insisted that I add this to my list. Just you wait human, revenge is a dish best served cold…)

Well, I think that about sums up my new year new me ideas.

Happy New Year to you all.

Except you, small human.

Romeo over and out.

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