Little Girl Hands

One year ago I held you and your little hands for the first time.

After nine months, (or 40 weeks and three days if we’re being precise), of feeling those little hands move inside me, I finally got to hold them in my own larger hands.

I finally got to see my little girl. With those little girl hands.


Those tiny hands that clung tightly to your daddy’s fingers for the first time.

Hands that quickly wrapped themselves around my heart.

Those tiny hands that brought comfort to you when upset.


After all, there’s a lot of new things in this big scary world.

Those little girl hands that quickly learned to move and grab.

That learned to hold and explore.

Those hands that held tight to my arm as you slept, and pulled the dogs tail when you played.


The little hands that grew a little bigger all the time, as they explored and learned new things.

Those hands that grab my arm when you are afraid

And push me away when you are sure you can do it yourself.

The hands that learned to throw, and that make you laugh when they make a loud noise.

The hands that don’t seem so little any more.

But rather the hands of a big girl growing way too fast.

Those little girl hands.


Happy first birthday sweet baby girl. Daddy and I love you so much, and cannot wait to see what this next year will bring!


2 thoughts on “Little Girl Hands”

  1. A beautiful year and many more to follow. She is taking after mommy and daddy learning to use her hands in very productive ways especially expressing love to others.


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