Six Years of Wisdom

Two days ago the hubby and I marked six years of marriage.


(Circa 2008 – weren’t we adorable?)

Six whole years.

While reflecting on how this was even possible (I mean, didn’t we *just* get married??), I had an epiphany and excitedly informed the hubby that this means in four years we will have been married for ten years.

He was…lets just say somewhat less than impressed with my math skills.

Anyways, to celebrate six wonderful years of survival marriage, I thought I’d treat all seven of my readers to a guest blogger. Well, assistant blogger at least.

Although this person is typically a man of few words, he just couldn’t wait to jump into the blogging world. In fact, he was begging me to let him help with this post.


Or something like that.

Anyways, I would like extend a warm to welcome none other than my hubby.

Welcome, hubby:


And what better way to use a guest blogger and to celebrate six years of marriage than to impart on you all some pearls of wisdom we have both learned over the years.

So I present to all, six lessons from six years of marriage. Both from myself, and my wonderful hubby:


Six Lessons Learned (from moi):

1) it’s a delicate balance between planning the perfect murder and falling in love all over again

2) it’s easier to say don’t go to bed angry than it is to do it

3) don’t let your hubby come in second to anything (aside from the Lord of course)

4) always have directions printed before you leave. When he says he knows how to get there he really has no idea.

5) Although he will probably never load the dishwasher properly, the fact that he is more than happy to help is waaay more important.

6) It’s true, you’ll fall in love in a completely different way when you get to see him become a daddy

Six Lessons Learned (from the hubby):

1) you never stop learning about the other person

2) forgiveness is key

3) nothing says I love you like a donut

4) nothing keeps unwanted house guests away like a shih-tzu

5) what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is yours

6) you learn to balance loving someone while they simultaneously drive you up the wall

In all seriousness, I am very thankful for the past six years of marriage with this man:


(Circa June 26th, six years of marriage later)

And I pray we are blessed with many more years to come.

As well as patience. I also pray for lots and of patience…

*expertise may very. Not responsible for any outcomes use of this advice may bring

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