On Father’s Day

Dear Hubby,

Over the last almost eleven months I have gotten the immense privilege of watching you be a daddy to our little girl.


And although you may not always be perfect, you are the perfect daddy for her.


It is so much fun to see the look of adoration in her eyes when she looks at her daddy.

The only thing more fun is to see the adoration in your eyes when you look at her.


I know you told me you wouldn’t have any idea what to do with a baby girl, before we knew the Mini was a girl, but you seem to be adapting quite well.

You are her perfect playmate, teacher, and an always captive audience.

Not to mention you are definitely the fun parent.

And to top it all off you are the most wonderful partner to me as we learn how to do this “parenting” thing.

I would not have survived these past almost eleven months without your support, encouragement, and willingness to let me sleep in whenever you can 😉

I and the Mini love you very much.

Happy Father’s Day!


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