Romeo, Oh Romeo

My dearest Romeo,

Today, you turn six years old. That’s like…almost a million in dog years.

(Or something like that. Math has never been a strong point for me.)

It’s hard to believe it’s been six short years since we brought you home in that awful thunderstorm.


It probably should have been a hint of your uniqueness when you didn’t even react the tiniest bit to the thunder and lightening outside. Nope, you enjoyed watching it. And you still do enjoy yourself a good thunderstorm.

Yep, you’re a strange one. But we sure do love you anyways.

And in these past six years you’ve taught us many lessons.


The importance of a good tennis ball (or any ball, really):


How necessary it is to relax every once in a while:


The value of good friends:


How to maintain a balanced diet:


And of course, how difficult it is to be THIS cute:


Ok, all kidding aside, you’ve been an important part of this family since we brought you home. People may say you’re “just” a dog, but obviously…those people have never met you.


So, the happiest of Birthdays Mister Romeo.

I have no idea what we’d do without you 🙂


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