We Are! (Graduated!)

All seven of my readers (and here’s to hoping at least half of you are still hanging around…) should read this post very. closely.

In fact, you may even want to mark this day on your calendar, in your phone, or however you choose to remember important dates.

At the very least a moment of reverent silence is probably appropriate.

I, the keeper of this blog, am about to do the unimaginable.

I am about to brag on my little bro.

Say whaaaaaat?

Yeah, I know. What is this blog coming to??

But in all seriousness, this guy:


Does deserve just a little credit.

You see, this little boy:


Looked a little more like this big boy the other weekend:


Yeep, we have a college grad ladies and gentlemen.

And in all seriousness, the previously mentioned college grad has put in some serious hard work over the last four years in order to get to that picture.

Actually, since I’m bragging anyways, that hard work really didn’t start four years ago. It actually started further back when the grad decided he wanted to get into Penn State.

Penn State may not be Harvard, but they don’t just take any ‘ol ragamuffin.

And not only did this grad decide he wanted to attend Penn State, but he went all or nothing. It was never a doubt in his mind that he would be attending, and if the parental figures in his life hadn’t *ahem* strongly encouraged him to apply to at least a few other schools, just in case, I don’t think he would have. He was sure.

And sure enough, he did it.

Although in perfect honesty, I’m not sure who was more excited that he got in….him, or me 😉

Penn State is a big deal in our family, and it was a very exciting day when he got his acceptance letter.

But that was only the beginning of his journey, and he held up his end beautifully. From difficult classes to a major change (ha, get it…he changed his major…oh never mind), and from silly things like roommate troubles to a jaunt across the pond, he came, he saw, and he conquered.

And now that little boy:

scan0006 - Copy

Turned college grad is headed off to his bright and shiny big boy job.

Which, coincidentally, is another brag-worthy story…but lets not get too crazy here.

Yep, I sure am proud of you little bro. You’ve worked hard, and you definitely earned that diploma.

Now get off your freshly graduated duff and go become a functioning, contributing member of society.

Here’s to you!


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