A Mother of A Throwback

I have heard many times over that consistency is key, therefore I don’t believe that I should mess with such a good thing.

So allow me a little “Throwback Thursday” to last week when it was my wonderful mother-in-law’s birthday.


How’s that for an excuse?

I really should be ashamed of myself.

But if you’ll excuse my tardiness, I do want send a rather belated happy birthday wish to the patient, wise, loving, and just plain lovely woman I get to call my mother-in-law.


I appreciate daily both her encouragement and her wisdom, and how well she balances giving both.

I love how she loves her family, which now includes myself and the Mini (it is So. Much. Fun. to get to watch her be a grandmother).

And I so very much treasure all the opportunities I get to learn from her. Whether it is as simple as cooking tips, or more complex like wisdom for being a wife and mom, I have gained much over the last almost six years.

So with that being said, a happiest of birthdays to my dear mother-in-law.

Turning 29 looks good on you!


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