It is Finished

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about these three words over the past few days. In case you haven’t been made aware, the weekend we’ve just wrapped up has been Easter weekend.

And because of this holiday, most noticeably on Good Friday, I’ve noticed a lot of the Easter themed pictures seen on Facebook have these words splashed across them, usually with a lovely silhouette of a cross in the background.

While a beautiful picture to “like,” they got me thinking about those words.

It is finished.

It may seem like a silly sentence to be pondering, but hear me out.


Webster defines the word “finished” as:

: having reached the end of an activity, job, etc.
: not requiring more work : entirely done or completed

“Finished” is a word that I find myself using fairly often around the house. Or at least, I use some variation of the word.

I hear myself saying that the laundry is “finished.”

Or that the dishes are *finally* finished.

Yes sir, I’ve finished…something.

But if you look at that definition above, I’m never really finished, am I? Tomorrow there will be more laundry to wash and fold. There are always going to be more dishes piling up in the sink. And more than likely the days ahead will hold more opportunities to “finish.”

But I’m never really finished.

Which, I think, is what has struck me so over the past few days. When we say we’ve finished something, nine times out of ten we’ve only finished that particular chore or task for a moment. We’ll eventually need to pick it back up and “finish” it again.

And again.

And again.

We never really get to that “entirely done” stage,as Webster so eloquently put it.

But when, on that Good Friday so many year ago, Jesus Christ said those words, He actually truly and completely meant them.

When He used the word “finished,” He wasn’t looking at His very busy schedule and trying to decide when would be a good time to fit in another sacrifice for all those sinner out there.


He was finished.

It was done.

Forever and ever. No one, no thing, nothing need ever be sacrificed again for the forgiveness of sins.

Nothing else needs to be done to clear any record of wrongs, and so allow us to enter into that glorious resting place some day.


It is finished.



4 thoughts on “It is Finished”

  1. Caitlyn – this is a very encouraging post and well worth pondering and rejoicing over. Thank you for taking precious time to remind us of this glorious truth. Three little words that hold so much meaning. If I can truly grasp what Christ accomplished, would I ever need to worry or fret? Life is a vapor and He has eternity covered for us. Praise God.

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