Love Romeo

Apparently, today has unofficially officially been dubbed “love your pet day:”


And as many of you well know, we don’t love our pet at all:


Not even a little:


Ok but in all seriousness, it seems only appropriate to hear from the “man” himself on such a day. So take it away Romeo:


Hello world.

I must begin by stating that is really is an abomination that there is only one day devoted to me.

I mean come on. I deserve at least a solid month, do I not?

But as per usual no one asked my opinion.

Which, I might add, is a great shame. Because do you know what happens when no one asks me my opinion?

I’ll tell you what happens when no one asks my opinion.

THIS is what happens:


I know, it’s horrible. You’ll most likely have nightmares – I do.

If only my humans had had the foresight to discuss this mistake with me before they made it. For shame.

But I digress.

So back to National Love Romeo Day.

Wait, it’s not Romeo day?

It’s National Love Your Pet Day?

What do you mean it’s not Romeo Day???

Seriously I put in all this work and today isn’t even about me??

This is ridiculous.

Somebody call my agent!

What do you mean I don’t have an agent??????????

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Romeo SO over and out.

So what do you think?

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