Romeo Here

Hello world, Romeo here.

My humans are a bit indisposed at the moment (sadly this is nothing new these days), so I wanted to quickly clarify for you all my thoughts on this recent inconvenience addition to my previously wonderful life.

I believe it can all be summed up in one word…


Ok, so maybe slightly more than one word. But you feel me.

Seriously though, unlike me, it’s not like this tiny human does anything to pull its weight around here (as proven here). It’s honestly so ungrateful and selfish. All this thing does is lay around and cry and stink…or worse, occupy the hands that used to be used to scratch me. Do you understand the seriousness of this? It’s literally a living nightmare.

Yep, I’m telling you people, I knew this was a mistake from the beginning.

But it’s always nice to be proven right.

Romeo over and out.


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