Welcome to the world…and back to the blog!

Hello blogging world! You may not remember me, I confess I have been gone for quite a while. Well, I suppose you may not have actually even missed me. But for all 7 of my followers who did (at least let me think you did, ok?), I would like to assure you that I am officially back in the blogging frame of mind, and I apologize for my absence. Although I may need Romeo to step up and contribute a little more (you heard me dog, it’s time you start really pulling your weight around here), I promise in one form or another I am back. You can breath a sigh of relief now 😉

For those having trouble remembering, I believe this is where we left off:


Anyone remember me now?

Well, I am please to say that after months and months (and four extra days), the Mini Shaw finally decided to make her appearance!

(No one was more relieved than I…)

So please join me in welcoming the Mini:


We waited a long time for your arrival. Literally. Nine months, four days, and 31 hours of labor.



And although the last two months have been the slowest, most trying, and most “adjusting” we’ve ever done:


They’ve also been the fastest, most fun, and some of the most worthwhile moments of our lives:


Yep, we’re pretty darn glad you’re here. I think we’ll keep you! (Because we sure as heck aren’t putting you back…did I mention the 31 hours of labor?)


I mean, even your big brother is happy you’re here*:


*This may or may not accurately reflect the feelings of the previously mentioned shih-tzu.

So welcome, Mini Shaw. Your daddy and I sure feel blessed to have the opportunity to be your parents. And we apologize in advance for all the ways I am sure we will mess up (many, many times). Please don’t hold any of it against us, we’re learning too. But we sure do love you. And can’t wait to watch you grow!

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