Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today this very adorable little boy:


Turns 26.

It just so happens that this adorable little boy is also my hubby:


Thus I’d like to take just a moment to wish him a very happy birthday (since I decided at eight and a half months pregnant that I didn’t feel like hosting a party this year…sorry hunny. Rain check?).

So a very happy birthday to my partner in crime:


My constant source of entertainment:


To a very hardworking:


But so very relaxed:


Wonderful hubby:


I am so thankful you agreed to share the rest of your life with me (and that is whether you like it or not at this point…my parents said no givebacks…), and it’s been so awesome over the years to get a front row seat to watch you grow and mature. Whether it’s as a husband, or how you’ve come into your own at work, how much you’ve put into preparing to be a daddy, or how hard you work to hone your leadership skills, I am so proud of you, and I cannot wait to see what year 26 brings.

Happy Birthday Hun, I love you ❤


For those keeping score at home, we are officially two weeks away from the mini’s due date,and have received the green light from my doctor that the mini is welcome to come any time. So the eviction notice has officially been given:


Though not everyone is quite as encouraging:


But wouldn’t it be a nice birthday present if the baby came tonight? 😉

One thought on “Happy Birthday Hubby!”

  1. Awwwwww… What a very sweet tribute! Have a wonderful birthday Keith!! Hope you had a lot of fun today. We wish you so much happiness with your mini! We are really excited for you both! Love you. Clare, Rick, and our not so mini’s anymore!


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