Father’s Day

Today I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to three very important men in my life.

First of course, would by my dad. The man who taught me many important life skills, the phrase “don’t tell your mother,” new words (sorry mom…), and of course, showed me the kind of man I wanted to marry someday.

(Safe to say I got my fashion sense from him too…I mean, look at me.)

Without my dad I wouldn’t understand the value of bubble diagrams, warm chocolate chip cookies, or sending “helpful” e-mails during conference calls.

So a very Happy Father’s Day to my very favorite daddy.

Second would be my father-in-law. Without my father-in-law I wouldn’t have the wonderful husband I have today. From the unbelievable work ethic he instilled to the skills I am forever thankful he taught him, I know my hubby wouldn’t be the man he is without my father-in-law.

So a Happy Father’s Day to my favorite father-in-law.

And whether it’s teaching them to grill on a “Big Green Egg” or teaching them how to ride a four wheeler (I’ll allow you to figure out which is which…), I am sure these two will have plenty to teach their future grandbaby. No matter how many rules I give them…

And last, though certainly not least, the happiest of Father’s Days to my dear hubby. Although we’re still waiting on the actual arrival of your baby, you are so very much a daddy already. You’ve done such an amazing job of taking care of the mini and I through this (not always super easy….) pregnancy, and I can only imagine how awesome you will be when the mini is actually here.

I am so thankful for you, and how hard you work for this family. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing man to be my husband, and the daddy of this baby (and any babies to follow šŸ˜‰ ).

So Happy first Father’s Day:

unnamed00I love you!

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