Update from Romeo

Hi all, Romeo here. I overheard my humans complaining about how “busy” they are getting ready for the little infestation that seems to still be coming despite my best efforts, so I thought I’d throw them a proverbial bone and help out with the ol’ blog.

Not that there is much new to report. Which, coincidentally, is just how I like things. Boring, normal, and unchanging.

I mean, you can’t complain about those daily walks I take my humans on:


And of course, there’s always housework:


A boring, although necessary, part of any household. And I usually try and follow up any housework with a quick nap:


Although I did deviate from my routine recently and pitched in with those pesky thank-you notes that Mom’s been working on. Not that I understand why we’re sending them out – I mean, people are actually encouraging this whole “baby” thing?? But I’m pretty sacrificial so I helped out anyways:


But back to normal, there’s the garden to tend to:


And seriously, how good am I at that?


Food to be eaten:


And did I mention those naps?


So overall nothing much new to report. I mean, I’m sure the humans would appreciate it if I at least mentioned that the nursery is pretty much finished, or something about how there are only five weeks left until the “new addition” arrives, Or maybe even something about how mom is feeling, but I pride myself in only talking about things people care about, so I’ll just go ahead and leave those for my humans to bore you with details about later.

Romeo over and out.

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