Happiest of Birthdays Dear Romeo

Today my most favorite puppy turns five.


Hard to believe he’s five, considering how youthful and vibrant he is:


Or something like that.

And although he manages to get into trouble more than almost any other dog I know (read: lets eat our weight in chocolate. Multiple times), I am very thankful for the five years we’ve had Romeo.

He’s always there to keep you company:


Or to help you finish a snack:


And even though we’ve taken far too many trips to the vets office (read: lets eat the styrofoam off of a ramen cup. Not the noodles, just they styrofoam), he’s worth every dollar minute.

Hard to stay mad at that face, huh?


Now all we need to do is convince him that adding a new baby to the family IS in fact, a good thing. Not the end of the world.


Well we’ll work on that.

Happy Birthday Romeo – we love you

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