30 What?!?

Today marks the official 30 week point for this pregnancy, and that seems to me like a good time for a quick update.


How is baby doing? Mini Shaw seems to be just fine, though doing his/her best to give mom a heart attack by being quite still for hours and hours and just when a phone call to the doctor seems necessary throwing a dance party worthy of an award. Sigh. (This better not be prophetic…)

How is mom doing? Mom is hanging in there all things considered. The lack of sleep and general weariness will all be forgiven in 10ish weeks I am sure 🙂

How is dad doing? Dad is excited to get to officially meet the mini Shaw soon, and is doing a wonderful job taking care of mom, baby (as much as he can), Romeo, the house, etc, on top of working two very demanding jobs. What would we do without him?

Speaking of, how is Romeo doing? Despite his best efforts, which include, but are not limited to, food strikes, refusal to listen, and general grumpiness, the arrival of the baby is still quickly approaching. To say Romeo is excited about this fact is probably a stretch, but it can now be said that he is now looking at the situation with a (very) reluctant acceptance.

So overall you could say that things are looking good. And we are very thankful for no major scary complications to date, with lots of prayers that the trend continues right up through the birth…

I have a sneaking suspicion that these next 10 weeks are going to be both the fastest and slowest of my life. And although we aren’t at the end yet, what a journey it has been. I am so very thankful for each and every moment, and I cannot wait for the next chapter to begin when we (finally) get to meet the mini.

So, t-minus 10 weeks and counting until we become a family of three.

Grumpy 2 Well, three and a half… Grumpy 1 Oh ok fine, a family of four. Happy?

So what do you think?

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