Mother’s Day

Today, is Mother’s Day.

One simple day set aside to honor and remember the mothers who have daily given (and are still giving) so much of themselves.

And, on this day, I am especially thankful for my mother. Not just today of course, but especially today. I am thankful for her as she continues to show and teach me what being a mother is all about. I am thankful for her wisdom, patience, and understanding that have been shown to me time and time again.

I am equally as thankful for my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law who not only raised my dear hubby, but raised him to be the wonderful man he is today (nobody tell him I said that, I don’t want him to get a big head…), and who also continues to show me just what being a mom is all about.

But I am also thankful for a different reason this Mother’s Day. A new reason. A reason I have never been able to be thankful for before now.

To be a mother myself.

Although I am not actually holding my baby in my arms just yet, I most definitely consider myself a mother. I mean, one doesn’t selflessly give up cold ham sandwiches and not be considered one….

And as I sit here and write this, though I have tried, I simply do not have the words to express how excited, nervous, and so very, very grateful I am to be starting my journey down this path of motherhood. It’s a title I have wanted as far back as I can remember.

But it’s not a title I take lightly.

I know there are so many who also long to be given this title, so I do not for a moment take for granted the position I am in. I am humbled and thankful each and every day to have been given this opportunity, and I pray daily that I will be able to do this motherhood thing half as well as my own mom.

So on this day I am thankful for both the mothers in my life. I am thankful for everything I have learned, and will continue to learn, from them.

But for the first time in my lifetime, I am thankful for the gift of being a mother.

I can’t think of anything a whole lot cooler than that.


One thought on “Mother’s Day”

  1. I am so proud of you and who the Lord continues to mold you to be. I am excited to watch you as a Mom. There is no higher privilege or calling than to be a Mom. I have loved and continue to love being your Mom. I am so excited to be a Grandmom and to hold that Grandbaby! Love you dear daughter!


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