Spring has sprung!

It’s a sure sign of spring when you start seeing tiny green plants on sale at the home and garden stores. Even if the weather doesn’t necessarily reflect it…it really does mean spring is right around the corner.

And speaking of those little green plants, one of my favorite parts of spring is getting the garden settled for the summer. While it’s only recently that I have started doing any “serious” gardening, it’s definitely something I look forward to now. There’s just something about the smell of that fresh, nutrient rich dirt combined with that sight unseen for months of “life” that gets to you.

So all that to say we put our garden in over the weekend. We’re somewhat limited due to our current living situation (just ask me sometime about the plans I have once we own a house!), but we keep experimenting with the space we have, and I have a feeling this is going to be our best year yet.

As per usual the garden started with clearing away last years remnants (am I the only one who finds this unbelievably satisfying? Out with the old and in with the new. It’s like spring cleaning for your lawn!):


unnamed6Although I do feel the need to point out that Romeo, while I am sure he intended to be helpful, was a little more interested in the “picnic” lunch:

unnamedThis year we decided to try a raised/enclosed garden of sorts. Last year we had a small cucumber revolution as they, um, may have taken over the entire area…can anyone say “oops.” But thanks to the hubby’s wisdom and skills, a little manual labor, and shih-tzu assistance, we created our structure:

unnamed8(Though shockingly it didn’t take long for Romeo to lose interest in the whole thing…)

unnamed10But regardless of the quality of assistance, together it went. Then we got to the best part: the dirt. The green. The new:


(Speaking of quality of assistance…there are some perks to being pregnant 😉 )


Aren’t those little green plants beautiful?


(The gardener is pretty good looking too………just saying)

Not bad for a few hours worth of work, huh?


Oh how I love that sight. The hope that summer and warmer (and longer!) days are coming. The promise of yummy things to eat (assuming we can keep the squirrels, rabbits, and shih-tzu’s away – yeah, I’m looking at you, Romeo). The “new” that we look forward to all winter, but sometimes give of hope of seeing again.

Yes, I’d say spring has sprung. Well, at least the garden has.


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