Dog Attitude

Romeo here.

I finally reached my breaking point today.

It’s no surprise though, really. I mean, first the humans decided to have a baby. Then they decided my entire house needs to be changed around in order to accommodate said baby. Including moving all my things. MY things. And THEN they start buying this baby things? And nothing for me?

What, am I not enough for them?

Have I not been the best dog I can possibly be?

Have I not loved them unconditionally, even when they annoyed me?

I don’t chew things. I don’t bark. I even muster up enough energy to greet them with *excitement* whenever they return home. And ok, so occasionally I might sample whatever is in the trashcan but can you really expect perfection?

So anyways. I finally snapped. It really is the humans fault though. They brought this on themselves.


Romeo over and out.

So what do you think?

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