Family Update

Hello world.

How I have missed you.

It feels like forever since I have been around. Although I suppose in reality it’s only been a week and a little. But it seemed an appropriate time to give a quick family update (I know you have been holding your breath for this, so hold no more!).

We have officially reached the “halfway point” until we get to meet the mini Shaw. All signs say healthy and growing, and we are very excited and thankful for that. We are especially excited about modern technology, allowing us to see that the mini obviously has my good looks:


I mean really, isn’t it obvious?

Something about halfway sort of makes it feel even more real. Though I’m not sure why that is… Not that we didn’t understand what we needed to do before, but suddenly “only” having 20 weeks to prepare our home for a baby and ourselves to be parents….yikes!

But despite suddenly realizing we are officially going to be parents, future mom and dad to be are holding their own. Save one of us coming down with a nasty cold.

Did you know that when you’re pregnant you can pretty much just take Tylenol?

Fun fact.

And finally Romeo would like me to inform you all that he is still not happy with this whole “baby” thing. The creature is not even here yet and it is already disrupting his life to the point where he is only getting 23.5 hours of sleep, his playroom is being turned into a room for the creature, and mom is not taking him on long enough walks. And now that you know his suffering, he’s going back to bed.

Well, that’s about all the update I have, and I will leave you with another promise to not let so much time go between our next meeting.


I miss you all 🙂

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