You Doth Rock, Little Bro

After weeks, well months really, of hearing the words “play practice,” I finally got to see first hand what my youngest brother had so greatly devoted the majority of his free time to.

And I have to say, I was pretty darn impressed.

And rather proud.


Who knew that the little bro had some hidden acting chops?

In all fairness, the entire Quest Theater Group did an absolutely fantastic job. I was actually pretty blown away with how great the production was. If you live in Vermont and have never been to one of their shows, stick around. I’ll definitely be giving a plug or two next year 😉

But in full disclosure, I was the most proud of my brother (hey, it’s the right of an older sister).


It’s hard to believe that this little guy:


Is old enough, and awesome enough, to play a very convincing role of Shakespearen Prince.


You rock little bro 🙂

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