Shaw Family Update

Hello Blog Friends!

I am guessing hoping that some of you have noticed my absence and/or missed me on here lately.  And if you haven’t, please allow me to continue in my delusion that you did.

It makes me feel a whole lot better.

I do have a pretty good reason for being away however. For those who haven’t heard (and I am very sorry if you didn’t hear from the horse’s mouth so to speak, we really tried to let everyone know personally, but there are a lot of you…), come late July the hubby and I will be welcoming a new addition into our little family 😀

And I although I have very much missed being on here, apparently I am not one of those “pregnancy leaves me feeling energetic and wonderful and can I do this 100 more times” pregnant women. I seem to be more of a “I’ve been hit by a truck while recovering from the flu so I have no energy for anything” type. But, if I don’t start up on here again I’m going to go crazy.

And so is the hubby (love you!).

Anyways, we are absolutely thrilled, although we are having a difficult time convincing Romeo:

.IMG_3959(You’re having a WHAT?)

So far things look pretty good, though would love your thoughts and prayers as we journey on. Plus, I’m sure if you stick around there will be some HIGHLY entertaining pregnancy stories.

Trust me.

So what do you think?

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