Overheard At Work

As always, 100% legitimate things I have heard at the office. Enjoy 🙂

“I dunno how sometimes I can be so quick, and then other times I’m like a load of goat poop.”

“You could get studded (tires)?”
“No, I don’t want studs. I think it’s a conflict when you have two studs in the same place…”

“So what flavor is it today?”
“Fish.” *pause* “Fish?? Cinnamon and apples. Where did fish come from??”

“That was a six two joke. It went right over your head.”

“You know what’s worse? Tight underwear…”

“I’ll be here bright and early. Well, I dunno how bright I’ll be, but I’ll be early!”

“I said we’d send it when we were darn good and ready. And the good thing was that I’d already hung up so they didn’t hear me say that…”

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