Thankfulness : Part 2

And so the thankfulness continues:

14) Football. Yeah yeah, but it had to be said…


15) Flowers from my hubby:


16) Mani/pedi dates with my mom.

17) Laundry piles. Because it means we have clothes to wear.

18) Chocolate (yum!).

19) Puppy cuddles:


20) Christmas music. Is there anything better?

21) Fuzzy socks.

22) A messy kitchen. Because it means I have food to prepare

23) Flannel sheets in the winter.

24) The beach:


25) The gift of baking:


26) Sunsets:


27) The fact that I have 26 different things I can put in this list. I’m so very thankful that I have so much to be thankful for.

May we all remember to be thankful this holiday season. It’s actually kind of a nice feeling.

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