Penn State Weekend

This past weekend marked our second annual trek to the awe-inspiring Penn State campus for a football game (oh, and to see the college student…).

Unfortunately the game didn’t end exactly how we’d planned (and anyone who so much as mentions “Maryland” to me in the next few days had probably better sleep with one eye open. Just saying.), but it was still a very fun weekend spent with family. And plus we were at Penn State. Did I mention that?

Of course, first we needed to endure the eternal car ride:


Where car selfies were the only obvious answer to boredom (please excuse the picture quality in this post. All I had over the weekend was my phone…).

But after 9ish hours in the car we arrived on the campus and went straight to the Creamery. I mean, where else would we have gone? Mmmm, ice cream:



And after a quick tour of the absolutely gorgeous campus:


We finally officially celebrated this kids 21st birthday:


This would be the official first taste of alcohol. As you can see, not very impressed. But there are worse things to hate 🙂

Saturday was the big game:


And the best part of the game was the Blue Band (pictured above. Please also note that this was early in the day. The stadium more then filled up). The game…not so much.

Again, selfies were the solution:


(Yes, it was cold. It even snowed)

The weekend was finished with an unbelievably scrumptious breakfast at “The Corner,” which has been around campus for just about forever:


Some of the best chipped beef you’ll ever eat. Seriously.

And after another eternal car ride (and more car selfies)


we returned home. Very much looking forward to next year. And a win.

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