21st Already??

Today my oldest younger brother turns 21. I’m not exactly sure how that happened since I’m pretty sure yesterday he looked like this:

scan0006 - Copy

And still needed me to teach him how to read.

Now he looks like this:


And is studying all by himself at Penn State. Not to mention preparing to head to London next semester to study abroad (say what??)

Really though, it feels like yesterday looked more like this:

scan0006 - Copy (2)

Where Big Bird was almost more important then Christmas presents. Almost

Now he expresses slightly more enthusiasm over things:


Especially when they involve Penn State.

But before Penn State there was this:


Now there’s this:


Ok, so maybe some things never change…

But let’s revisit this for a second:


Now he’s running Spartan Races:


And did I mention he’s studying at Penn State?


I still can’t believe he went from this:


And this:


To my big grown up brother who drives me around and lets me eat his snacks:


And puts up with my obsessive need for selfies:


So Happy Birthday little bro, I’m so very proud of all you’ve accomplished in the last 21 years, and can’t wait to see how far you go in the next 21.


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