Unexpected Visitor

We had a visitor the other day.

I had already gone to bed when my dear husband roused me (always a dangerous move…) informing me that I “had to see this!” I can’t remember my exact words, but I believe they were along the lines of “this had better be good or you’re dead.”

But I willingly stumbled followed my husband into the kitchen, and after a brief (ok, somewhat more then brief…) heart-stopping moment of thinking he’d found a mouse (hello for-sale sign…) I came face to….er, face, with this:

frog4Isn’t he cute 🙂

He was happily hopping throughout our house (I only cringed a little when he landed on the clean clothing…), and he seemed pretty proud of himself:

FrogDefinitely a first, and we’re still not exactly sure how he got in. He was less then thrilled to be caught, but caught he was and released back into the “wild.” Well, the backyard anyways.


And then we mopped. Twice.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Visitor”

  1. Where was your attack dog? Oh, wait Romeo was trying to figure out what happens if he kisses the frog….princess Juliet would appear for him. Correct!


  2. Sarah, you’re the second person this week who’s told me they hate frogs! Interesting 🙂
    And our brave attack dog was sleeping soundly on my pillow. Slacker. Now if he’d known a Juliet was an option he may have rethought that life decision…


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