Overheard at work….and and apology for being absent

Hello friends!

(Notice I am optimistic about having lots of friends reading this…)

First, I am very sorry I have been absent for the better part of a week. It’s been crazy around here. Crazy at work, crazy at home, crazy with family…just absolutely, well, you know. Lots of balls to juggle, and I have discovered I am not a very good juggler.

But I have missed being here, so back I come. And with that I present you with another edition of “over heard at work,” and a promise to get back to real life blogging tomorrow. Or this weekend. Ok, let’s just go with “soon.”


“I wouldn’t stand for this. I’d just sit down…”

“I don’t want to say he was out of control….but he didn’t have much control.”

“I feel a candy bar sneeze coming on… Ah, ahh, ahhh, *Hershey*

“I’m trying to not look like a beached whale and you’re going to limit the amount of time I can spend on a (cardio) machine??”

“And tomorrow is Friday!”
“Actually I have tomorrow off.”
“Can you try and not look so smug when you say that?”

“What, did you sleep here last night?”
“Yeah sure. And I wouldn’t look in the cup by my desk…”

Good night friends, until tomorrow. Or this weekend. Soon.

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