Overheard At Work

And now another installment of “Overheard At Work:”

“Well, like they say in the cellophane factory, that’s a wrap!”

“Maybe next time I’ll run a Spartan (race) with you.”
“No, you’d be better suited for the Santa Claus jog. You’re more built for that.”

“No, I don’t think she looks like a man. She is wearing makeup…”

“When is your birthday?”
“July 12th.”
“What year?”
“Every year…”

“Hopefully that little chipmunk I rescued found some food and is doing well.”
“Yeah, or maybe he ran across the road and got squished.”

“We should bring that dead cat in and put it in one of the drawers! What a surprise for the Orkin Man ‘the mice are so big here they killed a cat!'”

“I’m just going to ask my dad to pay for the new apartment (so they can move out of the one they don’t like).”

“Get a boot! (for a sore foot) You get to go right to the front of the lines!”

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