Overheard at work

And today (one day late – don’t judge me…) I bring you the second installment in the segment “overheard at work.”

Please enjoy.

Or don’t, but really if you don’t enjoy this maybe you should lighten up a little…

Anyways, without further ado:

“I can’t go there! They only make glasses for seeing.” (the intended word there being “reading”)

“The only thing about getting the new iPhone is that I have to get all new accessories. A new case, a new charger…and I really like the case I have and they’re just SO expensive…”

“I hope you brought your knickers to play in today.”

“In the past week I’ve bought a new MacBook Air, an iPad Mini, and the new iPhone. Anyone who owns Apple stock can write me a thank-you note…”

“Don’t tan too much this time (while on vacation). Last time you came back looking like a cigar wrapper.”

“I bought some Pinot Grigio that I think I might indulge in tonight. But the thing is I don’t feel like drinking the while bottle, and I just hate dumping it out.”

“Trust me, I am SO great to live with. I’m neat, I’m quiet, I’m *super* nice. Yep, when I move out and he (current roommate) comes home to a full time slob he’s going to think ‘maybe I should have made *name withheld* happy!'”

“I just hate it (place being rented) because he gets the good parking space and I have to park in visitor parking and then sap gets all over my car and it’s just a complete disaster.”

“Oh my gosh these new protein bars I got are SO delicious! I had two of them for dinner!”

“Ugh, if I was your boyfriend I would have to sleep in a different room (due to a bad cough). Or I’d smother you with a pillow…”

The end.

So what do you think?

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