A Hodgepodge of a Welcome

Well, after a few poke and prods from those who call themselves my loved ones (I’m looking at you, honey…) here I am, joining the world of blogdom (is that even a word?). However, in an effort to avoid being another redundant (see what I did there??) beginning blogger, and in honor of another Labor Day passing by, I hearbye present you with some of my favorite pictures from this summer. There is no particular order…just memorable moments.

So, please enjoy these pictures of my family doing things you were not involved in (I am going to be SO good at this blogging thing…):


Ok so technically this wasn’t this summer proper, but it’s hard to let it go when you get an opportunity to meet one of the COOLEST Penn State Football players. I mean really


Mom killed that Spartan race. Seriously killed it.


Boys just wanna have fun. AmIright? Or play frisbee. (Oh, and Bailey…she enjoys being the center of attention)


Nothing says father/son bonding like a trip to a brewery. (P.S. how awesome is my grandfather at 81 and still acting 60?)


Still not sure if he’s speaking to me after this…


Is he not the most adorable thing?


Oh, hello there my future street on the Cape


Two of my best boys and I about to enjoy some Jeff Dunham


WHAT?? Deep fried Chips-Ahoy?! Where have you BEEN all my life?


My Hunter Hayes concert buddy. Couldn’t have asked for a better night!


And I will leave you with this picture of my dad and I.

Y’all come back now.

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